Dart 381

Final Project in Dart 381

A short story about a young lady who is travelling with her violin. The story is mostly based on the train she is taking when leaving her hometown ( I guess its my love and interest for trains). The anime Full metal alchemists brotherhood greatly influences me for the conception of the story( as the protagonists travel a lot by train) and I pick their ending song of their first season as main song of my video ; Uso by the Japanese group SID. I did not exactly choose the song because of the lyrics or its meaning(USO means lie in Japanese), it is mostly because it reminds me a lot of the anime( I really love that anime and there are trains).

I use Google SketchUp that helps me to build the train and station in 3D, and then modified them in Photoshop. I draw the main character, then modified them on Photoshop too, and use After Effects for making the video. I use the sounds of the train and birds from the public domain Soungle.


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