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Alone Together~ by Sherry Turkle.

Sherry Tuckle’s talk really attracts my attention, especially I like the ironic of  the title of her talk ‘ Alone Together’. Two words that mean the opposite of the other word, it is actually the way we are living, especially now.

As Turkle states computers were made so as to alleviate our ‘busy lives’, but it seems we become busy because of it. It is sad but  true that nowadays we are ‘busied’ ourselves with the technology we pay for. This reminds me of a study I read before that when we wait for something or someone, we tend to use our cell-phone or tablets or music player so as to keep us busy. By this, we cut ourselves of what is happening around us, and the first simple thing is human presence, by watching at our screen, we keep ourselves from  eyes contact with other people.

Sherry Turkle talks about the generation that have seen their parents busy with their phones, and feel upset that their parents do not pay them attention. Now they are the one who are busied with their phones. This makes me realised how I was when the first time I got my cell-phone, I grew up with parents who were and still not really interested in technology, who were never busied with their phones. However I was the one who was ‘busied’ with texting or calling my friends, and I remembered each time my parents asked us not to text while having supper. Now I realise that importance, especially when seeing a family where the father is busied replying his mails on his phone, the mother talking to someone on her phone and the kids busy playing their electronic games at a restaurant.

We live in this world when we become very selective and we have the choice to have a ‘multi-life’; with the technology we have, we can choose with whom we want to talk or text or chat. When we received a message or a mail or a call from someone we want, we will immediately reply to it, while when we receive from an unwanted person, we will ditch that person or reply to him later.

I really like Sherry Turkle’ s talk as it is based on an issue that we are facing, and that we are aware of it, but still we are slaves to it.


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This entry was posted on December 4, 2013 by in Reflections on weekly Readings.
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