Dart 381

Midterm project

The concept and inspiration:

Spirited Away is my main inspiration; after watching the movie, I always want to create a short story that there will be a heroine that travels the world by train. So the short story is about a young heroine who leaves her hometown, for the first time, with her violin.

Mostly the illustrations will be hand-drawn, and some modifications, such as the colours, shadows and textures will be done in illustrator and photoshop. People and animals will be in silhouette, and the landscaping and objects will be outlined with black ink. Some elements will be in color so as to emphasize their importance or to stand out the background. I mostly will use bright and vivid color, to contrast with the white. Since I am inspired by Spirited Away, my illustrations will look like the Japanese cartoon, known as manga.

Source of inspiration:

The storyboard’s script:

The story begins with texts that will appear on a background where a train is seen travelling on the sea. A full view of the train station of the town appears, animals’ actions will be shown, such as birds flying across the sky, and a cat walking from the left side. When the cat is leaving the scene, the main character’s back is seen through the window of the train station. It will zoom on her back, then showing the young woman. She is sitting on a bench with her backpack and violin case. While waiting for her train inside the train station, silhouettes of people are moving in front of her. After that, she is watching the clock. Since her train is coming at 9pm, she has to wait long as it is still 5pm. Then she decides to wait outside the train station, where the train comes. View of the other side is seen; landscaping. The landscaping will change in the meantime she is waiting, such as sunset, twilight, then stars starting to shine on a black sky. Finally lights begin to appear from the horizon, and the train appears. It stops at the station, taking only her, since she’s the only one waiting. Nearly empty train, where some people are sleeping, however the young woman who is so excited that her journey begins, can’t sleep and watch the landscaping through the window. EndImageImageImageImage


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