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Should We Applaud?

Should one applaud? by Trevor J. Pinch and Karin Bisjterveld.

This article tells us how the music that we listen nowadays, is hugely influenced and changed by computer technologies. It has helped to develop new sorts of instruments, but it is not a recent phenomenon as the invention of the pianoforte, which is a mechanical device, had largely disturbed the musical culture. I would never expect that the pianoforte would cause such uproar since I always think it is THE instrument (along with the violin) that represent the best of the musical culture. It is interesting to know those facts and how they changed the cultural values.

The pianoforte and other mechanic devices brought the question what is really art or not; as the latter did produce nice melodies, but can this be considered as art since the sounds were made from ‘machines’. Can it be called art when it is not created and communicated directly from a soul to another soul? I think that those questions were also asked when digital software, such as photoshop, illustrator and others were invented. I believe that yes as people create these technologies to help them to develop their own creativities and find new ways to communicate them to others. There will always have innovation and changes as people always want to create new things that will make their lives easier (plus we are always nearly never satisfied of what we have). I guess if people were always contempt with what they have or abandon their ideas as soon as other began to protest, we would never know the way we are living now.

Progress in technology has certainly brought a new kind of music, a different one that our ancestors would never expect it would be possible, and maybe would not even consider it as music. The noise instrument of Russolo and the synthesizer had helped to produce new and different sounds. They are a great innovation for the cinema and television industries, as without them watching movies without sounds and noises would be different. For example, when people watch a horror movie, it is the sound that gives that thrilling emotion that something scary will happen. Or in a romantic movie, when the male protagonist finally meets or kisses the female protagonist, there will have the emotional melody that will make the viewer’s heart melt. I remember when I was a teen, my friends and I were talking that we were expecting this background melody would be playing when we kissed for the first time. It is interesting how powerful a sound or noise or music can affect people and it even bring people together.

I really like the ending of the reading as it is true that there will be innovations whether in music or other form of art, as people will always create and develop new things. But since this is changing so fast, can we be able to accept the new trend while we are not yet used to the previous one?


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