Dart 381

Final Project in Dart 381

A short story about a young lady who is travelling with her violin. The story is mostly based on the train she is taking when leaving her hometown ( I … Continue reading

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Alone Together~ by Sherry Turkle.

Sherry Tuckle’s talk really attracts my attention, especially I like the ironic of  the title of her talk ‘ Alone Together’. Two words that mean the opposite of the other … Continue reading

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Art and Synesthesia

Art and Synesthesia: in search of the synesthetic experience. by Dr. Hugo Heyrman. I have heard before that word, synesthesia but I have never bothered to know what its real … Continue reading

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3rd assignment

For the 3rd assignment, which is the titling sequence, I did the opening scene for my final project. This helps me to focus on the style for my final project, … Continue reading

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Midterm project

The concept and inspiration: Spirited Away is my main inspiration; after watching the movie, I always want to create a short story that there will be a heroine that travels … Continue reading

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Practice Assignment 2: Cat’s leisurely running on the street.

I was mostly inspired by Paradise Kiss’s anime ( where in the opening, hand drawn animation are moving in motionless photos, I really like the contrast of the realistic pictures … Continue reading

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Should We Applaud?

Should one applaud? by Trevor J. Pinch and Karin Bisjterveld. This article tells us how the music that we listen nowadays, is hugely influenced and changed by computer technologies. It … Continue reading

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